Improve skills, increase productivity, and reduce support tickets with our tailored training solutions: we build the training you need on the topics you need.
Our scalable, technology-agnostic approach fits seamlessly into your existing landscape.

Why settle for uninspiring training? Let’s elevate your workforce together

Impactful training Strategies

We specialize in developing comprehensive training strategies tailored to your needs, including target audience definition, clear goal setting, training needs analysis, strategic planning and optimal channel exploration.

Ensure effective engagement with a successful and impactful training program.

Engaging & scalable Digital Learning

We create immersive, entertaining and scalable digital learning materials designed for long-term maintainability.

Discover our visually engaging, dynamic and immersive digital training courses designed for optimal engagement. Our bite-sized modules ensure effective learning experiences tailored to meet your evolving educational needs.

Seamless Integration

Our solutions integrate with the tools already present in your company, ensuring a seamless and efficient learning experience while maximizing user retention.

solid business knowledge

We bring a wealth of business knowledge to create tailor-made learning experiences for your organization:

  • Core pharma processes
  • Supplier management
  • ERP implementation
  • Risk and compliance
  • Overall IT services
  • Supply chain
  • Finance
  • HR

Great enablers for successful learning experience


The “Snaking” format of 3 to 5 min max, makes your training process faster and more effective.

Social learning

The collaborative nature of Social learning leverages social networks for knowledge sharing within your company.

Blended learning

Blended learning optimizes effectiveness through tool combinations: e-learning, promotional videos, quiz, podcast, etc..

Motion design & Short video series

Elevate engagement with Motion design and Short video series, enhancing brand recognition by simplifying complex concepts.

Interactive videos or Step by step tutorials

Immerse learners with Interactive videos and Step-by-step tutorials, encouraging active participation and experiential knowledge assimilation

Video games, Board games, Quizzes, etc.

Unleash the excitement of Learning by playing through Video games, Board games, and Quizzes—transposing gaming mechanics to captivate and sustain learner interest in the digital realm

Our Team

Supercharge your team with our diverse profiles:

  • Senior Learning consultant
  • Instructional designer
  • User experience specialists
  • Motion designer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Project advisor
  • Professional voice actors
  • Technical / Scientific Translation
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Our way of working

We analyze your technical documents, processes, and more to identify both missing and essential information.

We review your content and create a customized learning experience…

…and spice it up with interactive multimedia, gamified elements, and personalized pathways.

We serve you delicious, dynamic and impactful digital learning experience.

Are you ready to bring your digital learning project to life?